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Why BPMS projects fail. Written by IntegrationWorks

Why BPMS projects fail

Businesses that are 'business process mature' typically have an integration advantage. When it comes to technology, we've seen some great examples of using Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) but we've also seen a large number of BPMS failures. Here we share our view of what can trigger roadblocks, and tricks to add to your enterprise toolkit when implementing your BPMS project.
The Microservice Bus

The MicroService Bus

As integration experts we get involved with a great many integration technologies, integration frameworks, new and exciting architectures and buzzwords. As any high-performing service business does, we focus primarily on our client's needs and then apply our methodologies and the best tooling to cater to those specific needs.
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IntegrationWorks sponsors IT charity boxing match

With two fighters from the IntegrationWorks staff, plus one staff member who founded the annual IT Heavy Hitters competition, it's a perfect fit for IntegrationWorks to sponsor this year's Blue Team for the charity boxing match. Over the next three months we'll be fundraising, supporting logistics and sponsoring a great cause that raises much needed funding for the Key to Life Charitable Trust.
IntegrationWorks today announced Colin Philp as Chief Executive Officer

IntegrationWorks appoints new Chief Executive Officer

IntegrationWorks today announced Colin Philp as Chief Executive Officer, responsible for leading the global growth of the integration services company.

5 Features of Great Microservice Design

We've talked in detail about microservices and enterprises recently. From a business operational standpoint, microservices implementations can be challenging yet greatly rewarding in the long term. Microservices do hold potential for changing the enterprise application landscape, from a technology, to people and process angle. In our last posts we've been discussing microservices funding, collaboration and managing traditional teams. In this article, we list some of the components of great micro service design - disclaimer though, this isn't all of them! Micro service design is a complex and evolving beast, so features of great design change frequently and rapidly.

Transforming your business in 2017

We at IntegrationWorks do a lot of integration strategy which, coupled with growth strategy, forms the basis of Digital Transformation projects and transformation of the entire environment whether that be on a small or large scale. After a full year full of fuelling integration agility in 2016, we thought we'd cap off the year with some tips to power your transformation journey in 2017.