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Microservices and Traditional IT: how to get cohesiveness amongst your people

Microservices Foundations Part 2: Managing borders between traditional and digital teams

Adopting your enterprise to microservices isn’t the easiest journey. For all of its benefits and operational outcomes, the challenge to get to a true microservices environment is laborious and fraught with trials. In this blog, as part of our Microservices Foundations, we discuss the challenges organisations will find to unite teams of different IT interests to develop a cohesive adoption environment and how to overcome it.

IntegrationWorks Banking and Finance digital transformation

Banking & Financial Sector: integration for accelerating digital transformation.

Digital transformation is more critical to businesses today than ever as consumers move from face-to-face retail consumption to digital engagement via mobile, tablet or PC. It’s widely known that consumers these days expect on-demand services that are ordered or delivered through their digital applications from ride sharing, holiday planning, price comparison and purchasing of consumer goods. Consumers are expecting a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use digital experience. Businesses that are delivering it today are gaining rapid market-share and leaving traditional enterprises in the dust.

University & Higher Education: Integration to meet student demands for technology

The changing nature of university and higher education delivery systems is being influenced by IT and increasing demands for digital services. Institutions that deliver specialist higher education services and products to an increasingly digital world are under pressure to deliver technical education systems that allow for global and demographic spanning, under a tight resource and financial budget.

Microservices Foundations and Agile Funding Models by IntegrationWorks Australia and New Zealand

Microservices Foundations: Funding IT “projects” in the age of microservices

After our three-part series introducing microservices, we’ll now be rolling out our multi-blog series outlining Microservices Foundations. Due to the large and often complex nature of microservices transitions, resources and funding are required from all components of the enterprise that may present some roadblocks. In this blog Ian Vanstone, Chief Technology Officer at IntegrationWorks will be discussing the availability of funding microservices projects for large enterprises and how to work through it.


IntegrationWorks partners with Revera & the Stack Alliance

IntegrationWorks, a specialist enterprise integration consultancy has partnered with New Zealand’s premier IaaS provider Revera and the Stack Alliance.

IntegrationWorks Outstanding Middleware Solution award winner

IntegrationWorks interview video for Outstanding Middleware Solution 2016

New Zealand & Australian middleware specialist IntegrationWorks was named the winner of a prestigious global 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Middleware Solution for integration projects delivered to New Zealand Racing Board earlier this year.